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    All "?" Kodes Found So Far... Thanks To Thyneas on GameFAQs...

    This is for the XBOX Version only, you will need to translate buttons for PS2 version of the game: UNLOCK CHARACTERS Up - X - X - B - B - Up: Unlocks Meat Y - X - Left - R - Left - B: Unlocks Blaze RT - Left - White - Up - B - Down: Unlocks Taven RT - RT - Y - Down - Down - X: Unlocks Daegon...
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    More endings?!?!?

    Also saw on IGN someone was saying there are 48 endings not 24!!! There are endings for each costume... this may be Patrick's Smoke Ending that he dug up!!! Can someone check it out and let us know if there are indeed multiple endings?!?!?
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    iGuides updated their site: UPDATED: Liu Kang, Raiden, Krypt Fixes Some secrets don't stay hidden for long. As most of you know by now, Raiden and Liu Kang are the two hidden characters that were not included on the iGuide. Check out the iGuide Updates section for their bios, top moves, and...
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    Sub-Zero in Village

    Has anyone gotten anything more out of him?!? I forgot all about him until just now!! LOL He is looking for great warriors... well once Domashi gives you your powers, you are now a great warrior!! I thought maybe of losing to Bo Rai Cho before you leave the village and try to go back to talk to...
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    iGuides?!?! WTF WITH THE LIES!!!!

    There site has been completely updated now?!? Where the hell are these "TWO SUPER SECRET UNLOCKABLES" that they taunted us with since launch?!?!?!? iGuides Lame Info!! Just another site posting all the same info we have had for 2 weeks!!!! DAMMIT!!! :evil:
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    Brady Update Again!!

    Mortal Kombat Fans! We are at it again with this Konquest Mode update. This PDF is a bit hefty (11 Megs) because it is 18 pages of Konquest goodness. It contains a walkthrough for the primary quests, secondary quests, and chest locations for each of the realms. Click here to download now...
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    MKD Official Krypt Table

    Krypt Table If you compare this image to the actual Krypt in the game, even MIDWAY doesn't know which koffins are purchases and which are Keys!!! Koffin SE is a good example... in the image, its purchaseable... now go to your Krypt and go to Koffin SE!! Sorry, need a key!! DOH!!! If the...
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    ***All Krypt Key Locations!!!***

    KOFFIN MAP COOR. NOTES DA Chaosrealm B-1 Defeat Kabal HJ Chaosrealm E-7 Inside a hut JQ Chaosrealm A-4 7:00 AM JS Chaosrealm H-4 MM Chaosrealm G-8 8:00 AM MO Chaosrealm D-7 4:00 AM, inside a hut OK Chaosrealm B-1 Inside the cemetary PS Chaosrealm G-4 12:00 AM, Sunday QI Chaosrealm D-8...
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    I take no credit for any of these fatalities or hari kiri's... Props go to Poseidon, MK-Demon and Syclone over at for compiling this list of fatalities for the community!!! Great work fellas!!! :D OK, Here are the fatalities and Hari kiri's - Button Config: XBOX = Button...
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    One of my buddies at work told me about an extra krypt... Someone took freeze frames and posted them on another site. He told me he found the info at, if I can find it I will post it... Apparently if you start at the letter "A" in the krypt and scroll up really fast through all of...
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    Run faster in Konquest...

    I didn't see this listed in the manual and accidentally figured it out on Wednesday... haven't seen anyone post it so I thought I would... on XBOX if you hold the right trigger while running you move a lot faster. 8)
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    Koffins Remaining?

    I have 5 out of the 400 still locked, all key krypts of course... DD IN JO MO PS 98.75% completed with the krypt!! :D
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    MOVES Raiden's Torpedo - E-5/Edenia (Confirmed) Sub Zero's Freeze - F-5/Orderrealm (In building at 10:05AM)(Confirmed) Kobra's Power Fist - G-6/Edenia - To the left behind a building (Confirmed) Li Mei's Flip Kick - D-1/Orderrealm (Confirmed) Scorpion's Spear - A-1/Edenia (Confirmed - Defeat...
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    Date affect what becomes unlocked?!?

    I wonder if the year you are on has anything to do with what is available to find... I am currently on 1/20/48