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    Target Practice

    It's been a while since I've done a fake. Reason was because I had problems with MS Paint and the fact most people thought my work was average. Well this time I'm using PhotoPlus for fakes and so this is basically an experiment. *Shadows are fixed* If your wondering about Liu Kang's chains, I...
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    Need help on Auctioning

    I've been trying to get rid of my pukemon cards for a while and have decided to put them on Ebay. I'd like to know if these prices are fair: -88 Cards, all rare -Series 1-7 -23 Holographic -15 1st Edition -58 Pokemon, 25 Trainer, 5 Energy -All Mint condition -3 cards are promos and somewhat...
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    A weird bug

    I was at the wastlands doing some Ko-op, about to face Goro when my friend tries to pull a fatality, it still goes on but the entire area is dark like where you do the fatality. After I do a fatality, these 5 weird signs replace where I put the combination for the fatality and stays there till I...
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    A little question

    On the TRMK Main page I was looking at the list of MK Games when I saw Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects at the top. Not to complain but why is it there?
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    Next Adventure MK Game?

    With the success of Shaolin Monks, it looks like MK can go into the action-adventure genre with success now. If Boon and friends ever made another adventure game which game should it be based upon? In my opinion I would go for either MK3 or MSZ. I think having to save Earth from Shao Kahn would...
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    Red VS Blue

    Anyone watch it? I got seasons one, two and three dvd as well as the Caboose -1 shirt. Some of the funniest things you'll ever hear is in this web series. "I will eat your heart and crap on your unhappiness!."-O'Mailly(Omega)
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    London Bombings

    This is very sad news. So far 33 are dead and hundreds are wounded. If you are wondering who did it, it's been said that a group known as the secret organization of Al-Quida of Europe were responsible and they have a list of countries that are gonna be bombed. This is not the whole list and it...
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    Super Smash Bros. Revoloution

    I seriously can't wait for this game? I am a huge addict to SSB. But with a new game what could happen? Well first of all Nintendo has used their main people for characters so far and it brings up who their gonna bring this time. Well I have a bet these 5 characters are gonna be there: 1...
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    Some new edits by me

    The Noob/Smoke one was just for no reason at all. I know Noob's ball is pretty corny cause of the colour. The Liu Kang one is him doing one of his MKD fatalities. I couldn't really do much on these since I've been out of ideas for a while. Well anyway here they are. Enjoy!
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    MK Deception on the PSP

    *Note very first thread and post here. 8) * We can use this thread for talk about the PSP version of MKD and what we can expect from it. For example, I wondering about if it will have any new unlockables like new characters or a different Konquest mode. What do you guys think of MKD on PSP?
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    A new edit after a while

    Here's a little something that I've been making for a bit. I got some shadows, not great ones on Shao Kahn and I meant to give some to Sindel but I'm not used to shadows when flying. Anyway here it is:
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    Most annoying MK Boss or Sub-Boss

    Which boss or sub-boss in MK really pisses you off? Mine would have to be Motaro. The reason is because I hate how he teleports all of the time. Worst is that he goes and tries to play catch with himself using me. Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Moloch, Shinnok and Noob-Smoke were pretty easy because...
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    TRMK Championships

    Alright people have been PMing like crazy about having a belt even though it was a joke but I decided to make this fun and exciting. What will happen is this if you want a belt, you have to earn it by beating a champion by a certain amount of rules. These are the following rules to win each type...
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    What kind of Rocker are you?

    Well like it says on the title, what type of Rocker are you? Classic? Modern? Who knows but here's mine: I knew I would get this. What did you get?
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    3 new edits

    For a while I was out of ideas for some new edits until now with these. First one may not be suitible for people who don't like seeing ugliness. The second one is was a little joke for my friends who were wondering what would happen if a member of the MK Team fought. The last one is a barbeque...