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  • Okay, I'll pick up DOA since I've never bought a DOA game. It's always good to have a variety :)

    But I'm very good at Tekken. Lili is my favorite!
    Well I'm not a competitive person, which is funny because I'm good at fighting games :tongue:
    I didn't know you were in the army! You are very brave and I respect you for defending your country. I want to buy both of those games but I don't know their release dates :(
    I will master Wonder Woman and defeat everyone! ;)

    It's fun defeating all the boys :)
    Nah actually, forget the high five. This is required.

    Haha let's fight in MK9 in a little bit! I want to see if I can defeat your Mileena!
    I love Wonder Woman, but I hate the leggings they gave her. She's an amazon not a gladiator. I hope her alternate is better. Haha well we might have to fight for her ;) but if she is in then I will be maining her for sure.
    As of now, Wonder Woman is my main. I want to see more characters though! I really really really want Starfire!
    Haha nice! I main Kitana, obviously. I like to use Jade and Sonya as well. Who do you think you'll main in Injustice? Maybe it's too early to ask.
    I'll add you as soon as I get on! I just have to do some stuff.
    Who do you main in MK?
    That would've been a fabulous idea! But Namco wanted a more popular character. Do you have a PSN?
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