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    Former devs speak out about 'severe crunch' at Mortal Kombat studio

    80-100 hour weeks were common at NetherRealm for weeks or months at a time, while contractors struggled with low pay. Article
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    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    The next best thing:
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    Mortal Kombat Generations

    What happened to Mortal Kombat Generations? I saw some behind the scenes photos but no news have appeared since early 2016.
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    Kaption Kombat

    You're welcome to use it to edit in your kaption:
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    Goro's head size

    Maybe it's already too late now, but I feel that Goro should have a bigger head (he looks kinda shrunken as of now). I made these adjustments in Photoshop. What do you think?
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    MK Renders

    Mileena reminds me of Dania Ramirez (Callisto from X-Men: The Last Stand):
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    Bi*ch slap

    I really hope they incorporate some kind of Bi*ch slap move into the game. It's just so funny and humiliating.
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    Suggestions for fighting moves

    I drew some basic sketches for ideas I had for new moves (NRS, you are free to use :) ) Double Elbow Strike: Shin Hold Kick: You can add yours.
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    An defensive idea for the next MK game

    You know that in real life, martial artists don't always block hits but also avoid them by shifting their heads/bodies quickly to the side. Why not incorporate it into the game? (on the 2.5D plane of course) It would make the fight look more fluid and real. Maybe they can keep the original...
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    A Select Screen Idea

    I was looking at the select screen in the gameplay videos, and I realized it would be cool if it was darker in the back, so when you select a character, it would emerge from shadows, and it would also eliminate that illusion that the unselected character is much smaller than the selected one.
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    *spoiler* Scorpions full fatality leaked

    They should use my "Intestine Strangle" idea for a brutal fatality: Take victim's intestine out while it's still attached to his body, and strangle him while he's on his knees...
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    To all adventure games fans out there - "Armikrog" needs your help!

    Armikrog is the spiritual sequel to the classic adventure game "The Neverhood". The Dev Team needs your help with funding this promising project:
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    Things that bugs me with Injustice graphics

    1. The capes wave weirdly in some situations and sometimes look like they are made of cast. 2. Wonder Woman's lasso and Green Arrow's Rope have a funny space between them and the opponent's body when they are wrapped around it. 3. Some animations/positions look stiff, like in the closeup on...
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    Storm Shadow as Subzero

    Photoshoped quickly by me straight from the new G.I. Joe Movie. I think Lee Byung-Hun would be perfect as Sub-Zero. I wonder how is his English...