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    Reptile makes me sad.

    I don't really take issue with him not being hidden in human flesh. It's always his attires post MK3 that rub me the wrong way. Something like this would get me playing Reptile again.
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    What do you collect?

    Mega Man stuff!!! :proud: Also have these not related to Mega Man statues; Game collection wise, I do have nearly everything minus the gameboy games but I'm missing a few key titles. I have no idea what happened to my copy of the original X, it has sentimental value so I don't want to just...
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    What games are you getting next?

    My next game purchases will be MKX and SMT: Devil Survivor 2: Break Record. I used to blow my money on every single game I'd want but I gotta start being picky. I'll definitely get Persona 5 tho, that's a must buy. I also bought this on ebay the other day, been so long, I just kind of have an...
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    Klassic costumes?

    I agree. But I wouldn't mind the reptilian look so much if he still had a ninja outfit like this;