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  • Yes and today I learn that I have two assignments due Saturday and another due next Monday. Not to mention that I also have a test I have to study for on Monday as well. However, I'll still have the time to get it all done, so no big deal. I should also have the time to work on HR.
    I suppose so. I probably won't start the draws until after I outline this next chapter, though.
    I probably will. And I'll probably also draw Celeste for kicks and giggles.
    No. I had already began writing and posting up chapter by the time I developed Mileena's outfit concept. I was actually going to describe it in Mileena's part of chapter 6, but I decided to wait until later on. I'm only thinking about if I should draw out the concept and link you all to it on the chapter it's described in (which will be awhile).
    Well, I was going to draw Mileena in her 'Empress' attire. I actually came up with my own concept for it.
    Well, I meant Mileena's royal attire. I already drew out the concept. I haven't even draw one for Celeste yet.
    Lol. Also, new chapter posted. I'm also debating whether to draw out my OC and other costume changes or not. =P
    Honestly all you have to do is click on 'New Posts' and look at the threads your interesting in
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