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  • Hi, I know most likely have everything, but I play mkx on mobile, and I dont have a console to play on. I was wondering if you were still okay with people.using your wbplay account to unlock everything.
    Hey dude im new to this website so im confused how all this worked.
    I wanted to ask if u could share your wb account with me because id love the skins you have.
    Could you maybe contact me via ? thats my email :p
    Hey Down4, can you share with me your wbid? I just came back from a business trip in Lafayette, Louisiana and I completely missed out on unlocking the mobile skins through my PS4.
    Hello down4. This is lance. Inoticed a post u made for sharing your WB account so I can get some costumes. And I'll try n get injustice scorpion in return for u also. My email is garygary107@yahoo. So once u email me I'll get it cause it's on my smartphone or pm me here to. And I'll give u the update on how things are going for the score costume to bro. Sharing is Caring. Thanks
    If you got or get the injustice scorpion from the mobile game can you share your login with me? Thanks so much
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