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    VG characters worthy of their own games

    Which characters, who never had their own games before, would be most deserving of one, in your opinion? IMO: The pig cops, from the Duke Nukem series. I'd title it "Pigs" and it would be a parody of the reality TV show Cops. Players could control two characters: the pig cop, and the camera...
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    Why are these things deemed inappropriate for children in the media?

    Vulgar words (some of which can't even be said on this board), as well as urine and fecal matter. The latter, particularly, is quite funny, since I'm pretty sure children do know what urine and scat look like, or am I supposed to believe children pee and poop blindfolded? As for vulgar words...
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    Is Youtube not working for anyone here?

    I can access the site, but the vids don't play properly for some reason. Vids from other sites like dailymotion and Yahoo seem to be working fine though.
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    New characters for the next game.

    I was gonna post this in the other thread, but since it's been locked, oh well. Anyway, I want a resurrected Viking as one of the new characters. A fearsome warrior Raiden's corrupted self has especially chosen as one of his minions. I'd also want: A Knight A new race based on classic...
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    Bizarro idea for an Injustice sequel

    To accommodate the character's upside-down nature, he should get a unique control scheme. Using the PS4 controller as an example, the movement arrows become the attack buttons, while the attack ones (square, triangle, circle and x) are used to move Bizarro around. A special where you press down...
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    Do the Revenant skins come with their own intros?

    Do they act differently from their live selves? I'm asking this because I saw Revenant Jax's mirror match intros, and he seemed to act just like his good live self. Only his voice was different.
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    Blanche (old woman) as free DLC

    What would you think of having her as an alt for everyone? She doesn't even need her own intros, outro or alities even though they'd be welcome. Even when playing as her, against herself in a mirror match, she should remain a throwable item in the Outworld Marketplace. I think we should get...
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    Is this gonna become a trend (about online gaming)?

    Most of the Revenant skins in MKX actually require people to play online with other people in order to be unlocked. Is that a common thing in modern gaming? I really hope online gaming won't be pushed on all of us. DLC is one thing. You can buy it on your own. But to be forced to play with...
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    Who here hates High Definition?

    Maybe I'm just picky, but to me, HD TV seems either too bright or too dark. It also seems like movement is slower, and sound is lower, no matter how much I turn it up.. I must be one of the last people on Earth who still owns the older box-type TVs. I had to buy a flat-screen HD TV to install...
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    I can't play the story mode

    I've just bought a PS4 and MKX, and I could only access single fight and tutorial, and only Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Kotal Kahn were playable. What do I do? I think it's because the game isn't fully downloaded yet, but I'm not sure.
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    Is there a komplete edition planned?

    NRS has released complete versions of MK9 and Injustice with the DLC already available. Are they planning to do the same with MKX? Sorry if it's already been asked.
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    Predator intro ideas

    What can I say, I love coming up with intros. For starters, I don't think all Predator intros have to show the opponent from the Predator's POV. Vs Kitana P: "This will be easy" K: Jade...? How dare you! P: "Too easy" Another one vs Kitana Kitana, hearing her mother's laughter: Mother? The...
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    Better intros for Jason

    I know it's too late to change anything, but whatever. Anyway... Vs Goro Goro: Hockey's one of my favorite human sports. Jason pulls out his machete. Goro: Since when do hockey players use machetes? and/or Goro: But hockey players could never best me. (Admittedly, the one where Goro says...
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    The first Kenshi thread

    Wow, to think this is the first Kenshi thread on the Kenshi board. Why the lack of interest? Isn't Kenshi one of the most popular characters among the fanbase? I'm interested in seeing how he'll be different from both Ermac and Takeda.
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    Why is this duo so underrated already?

    The game isn't even out yet and it seems like they've already joined the likes of Stryker and Drahmin as far as unpopularity goes. I've read that it's because they haven't been given much exposure, but to me, that should make them more interesting, not less. They're also looking to be merely...