Better intros for Jason


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I know it's too late to change anything, but whatever. Anyway...

Vs Goro
Goro: Hockey's one of my favorite human sports.
Jason pulls out his machete.
Goro: Since when do hockey players use machetes?


Goro: But hockey players could never best me.

(Admittedly, the one where Goro says "you" has grown on me)

Vs Johnny
Johnny: You look right out of a bad slasher movie.
Jason has a murderous expression in his eyes.
Johnny: Can't take a joke, can ya?

Vs Cassie
Cassie: Michael?!
Jason furiously pulls out his machete.
Cassie: Jason?!

Vs Erron Black
Erron: Blowing out your brains will be a challenge.
Jason pulls out his machete much more slowly, with an angry look in his eyes.

Vs Ferra/Torr (while wearing his very first design from Part 2 with the potato bag that he should have as an alt)

Jason and Torr look at one another, confused and fascinated.
Ferra: Torr! Kill him!
Torr snaps out of it and roars!

Vs Jax
Jax: I won't be your first victim. Nor your last.

Vs Farmer Jax
Jax: Are you related to that cannibal?
Jason's usual reaction.
Jax: Doesn't matter. I'll chase you off my land too.

Vs Quan Chi
Quan Chi: Jason Voorhees.
Jason looks a little surprised.
QC: I shall make you, Michael Myers and Leatherface my new trio of assassins.

Vs Sonya
Sonya: Run back to your mommy. Oh wait, she's dead, isn't she?

Vs Kano
Kano: The momma's boy.
Jason's usual reaction.
Kano: So you want to get spanked, huh?

Vs D'Vorah
DV: Ah, a meal.
Jason's usual reaction.
DV: Feast, my children.

Vs Scorpion
Scorpion: Misguided fool.

Vs the Predator
We hear the whispers. So does Jason, to his surprise.
The Predator decloaks, and replays one of Shao Kahn's laughs from MK3.
From the Predator's infrared POV, we see Jason pull out his machete.

Vs himself
They stare at one another intensely.
One of them says.

Another one
Pamela Voorhees appears between both Jasons, and says "only one of you's my boy".

Shirayuki Mizore

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Kenshi: "Who are you?"

*Jason pulls out knife or whatever"

Kenshi: "Well, I guess you're the silent type then."

A lot of these are over-the-top tbh, like the hockey one with Goro. They could have made good dialogue without having to make everything humorous or mention his movies.

Kano: "Why are you here?"

Jason: *knife animation blah blah*

Kano: "Guess I'll just have to make you talk, huh?"

Rather than just one line of weak dialogue.


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Vs Kitana
Kitana: My mother's the ultimate scream queen, as humans would call her.
Jason's usual reaction.
Kitana, pulling out her fans: But I'm more the quiet type. Like you.

Vs Takeda
T: When was the last time you showered?
Jason's usual reaction.
T: You smell even worse than Reptile.

Vs Rain (just for fun)
R: Legend says you drowned as a child.
Jason reacts.
R: I will make you drown again.

Vs Raiden
R: lightning brought you back.
Jason reacts.
R: But this time, lightning will destroy you.

Vs Mileena
M: Don't be shy, take off that mask. *takes off her veil and giggles*
Jason shows his face then puts his mask back on.
M: You'll be even uglier when I'm done with you!

Vs Kano: *spits* I'll rip out your heart and eat it.
Jason actually looks amused.
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Can we please make Goro saying "Hockey is one of my favorite human sports" a meme

It's all I ever want to say now in reply to any weird thread