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  • That's a sick app! My school doesn't block any of the fun stuff. College, eff yeah!
    could u put AMES32 in between his hands and put it in a circle around it much like mine now thanks.
    also make with kinda a green aura around the AMES32 thanks dude pm me the finished product.
    Maybe when you're older. But first, you gotta think about how you're going to steal me away from DCP. You know I'm pretty crazy about him. ;)

    Mad props to your brother. Charm must run in the family.
    hay dude wondering if you could mak me a new signature of kratos i'll pm you the pictures.
    Ha, you really are the ladies' man, eh? Hey, maybe you'll have a shot with Goddess since she's your age. You just gotta pry her away from Aldo. Hehehe. I'm only kidding.

    Makes me feel proud that you appreciated my pun. I'm not a corny old lady yet! :p
    I may need to request something soon so I can "test your might." Wow. That was unbelievably cheesy of me.
    Also, you can pretty much tell when someone is injecting troll material into an article.

    Exhibit A:
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