Wishlist for Mortal Kombat 11/III

Too many questions. I think (and hope) it will be a tournament once again.
Yeah, Raiden fighting for dominionship of Outworld. Maybe he'll be Grandmaster of the tournament considering he's leading the assault?
Does Earthrealm still need to win 10 consecutive tournaments to claim it?
Netherrealm revenants, led by Liu Kang, to come back and also look to conquer other realms, including Outworld.
With Empress Kitana's influence, whoever's side they are on, Edenia should be on their mind too.
I wish MK 11 brought us all the characters from Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon. They should retire Kano, Goro, Jax, Sonya, maybe even Johnny Cage. Keep Reptile because he still has to save his race.
If Cage's MKX ending is canon, which I think it will be, then the seemingly older ones won't retire or be missing from the next game anytime soon, with the exception of the deceased Jax. Sub-Zero is meant to age prematurely with the Lin Kuei GM medallion and he'll almost certainly never be left out of a rostered MK game.
Very much so. This is easily Shinnok's final time being playable. Cassie will likely take Liu Kangs role as the protag in future games for now.
I also don't see Ferra/Torr returning. At least not Torr. They're the moloch/drahmin of the new TL. One game and disappearing.
And they won't be missed by me.
Not yet, but he could be a ruthless badass leader which makes the Black Dragon into more of a deadly gang / mob / squad than just being a Kano type of arms dealer.
Maybe he could be more of a Kingpin type of character, which is more ruthless than Kano is.
I agree, though.
I'll wait to see his bio and to see what goes on with him in MKX, or what "what if" scenario they drum up for him in his ending.
As long as Tremor is in I'll be extremely pleased. He's now replaced Kenshi as my favourite character of the new ones who came in during the 3D/new century era.