Will Quan Chi be a Boss?


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I'd like it better if Shinnok catches on this time and destroys Quan Chi. Or hands him over to Scorpion or something.

I bet that in Armageddon, Shinnok observed the match between Kahn/Raiden and caught on that Raiden was sending back visions through time. I bet Shinnok sent back his own visions and alerted the past Shinnok to Quan Chi's betrayals with the amulet and such...

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I doubt that he'll even be the sub-boss to be honest, as he was playable in MK9 and Kotal Kahn seems to be one of the sub-bosses, at least story wise.
Quan Chi I think will just be a playable character. All bets are off this time with the timeline change and for all we know Shinnok could know now what is supposed to go down so we could either see him teaming up with someone bigger or we could even see both Shinnok and quan chi getting tossed as bosses considering it's a whole new ballgame this time around.


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My guess is that he will either be a cameo, sub-boss or boss, but I don't think he will be playabe.

In the comic teaser, it said that Shinnok was imprisoned again by Raiden, after the NetherRealm wars.


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Trapped inside the amulet. But what if shin ok escapes because of the girl who has the amulet? That girl might be Shang Tsung...


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I'm a touch uninitiated as I've only played MKX briefly but Quan Chi's demise at the hands of Scorpion is one I have seen.
But I can't entirely remember it or am 100% of the story. Quan Chi has had quite a fair amount of wins in his time. It is fitting that his defeat came at the hands of Scorpion.
After all Quan Chi has had quite a fair number of wins over others.
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