Which Sub-Boss was the hardest?

I honestly can get trough MK3/UMK3 Motaro with a couple tries any character, but Kintaro from MKII is another story. I have fought Kintaro probably north of 150 times and won probably three times tbh. Shao Kahn is easy though, just high kick him when he gets close. I beat him without moving once before actually lol.
They were all hard, except the DA singular sub-bosses.
Kintaro for me was the hardest as well.
But Motaro was extremely difficult as well. I could only beat him with Sub-Zero. No, you can't freeze him. But I learnt Sub's 6-move combination (back when I played MK3 I couldn't find combos on the internet and so we, our family, found moves through figuring it out ourselves and we didn't find all of them).
The Noob-Smoke tag-team was difficult too.
I meant the DA bosses. Moloch was difficult to beat too.
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