What top 10 weapons would you have when SHTF?


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SHTF means when "s*** hits the fan". This means when the world is in turmoil and it becomes apocalyptic. It can be an invasion of zombies, aliens, or even crazy people who attack the government (just like when the Trump supporters attacked the White House in the USA).

As of right now if SHTF while I'm on the road (such as at work or going out), all I'd have is my pocket knife that is in a compartment in my car, a 3-4 year old 16 oz hammer that feels like 20 oz (probably because of how the wood has been in the trunk of my car untouched for years with the temperature changes), and a small multi-tool in my keychain.

The top 10 are my top 10 weapons I'd have (which I already have a few of these or have access to some of these). Keep in mind I am in California so there are many restrictions when it comes to firearms in that State so this top 10 list I have is based on the limitations I'm provided due to the gun laws of this state. I'll also list honorable mentions as my picks that are against the state law and that I think are good but not the best options.

Know that I am the same Nasty_Freak as I have always been but when I do this thread, I'm being real. I'm not the young perverted girl ya'll knew before. :LOL:;)

1. A 9mm pistol. I was thinking about a Glock 19 since a family member of mine was training me with his Glock (which I have only opened the slide, releasing the magazine, and etc.). Right now though, my eyes are on the Springfield XDs Sub-Compact and any of the CZ 75s. Maybe even a Sig Sauer pistol. This gun needs to be my first gun I own and should be worth under $1000.

2. An AR-15 rifle in 5.56. Very few are compliant in CA. My budget for this is under $2000

3. A pocket pistol/mouse gun in .22 LR, .22 Magnum, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, .38 Special (revolver), OR 9 mm as my back up/hideout gun. I've been thinking about the Sig Sauer P238 in .380 ACP. This category of my gun collection is the gun that will tell my enemies "F*** U if you think I'm out of ammo" in case my rifle and side arm on hand is out of ammo. This gun would also be that "get off me" gun and a close quarters gun in case I don't want to touch my target.

4. A .45 ACP pistol in 1911, the Springfield XD, OR FNX. Reason being is because my dad's Colt 1911

5. An AR-10 or another rifle (preferably semiautomatic) in .308 for long range shooting (such as hunting and sniping). Very few are compliant in CA. My budget for this is under $2500. Many of these are overpriced!

6. A hunting/bowie knife. Very versatile. It has that good distance between very close and medium range. Can be used as a tool to make spear out of a wooden branch.

7. A folding pocket knife (which I already have but can replace easily if needed) and as a concealed melee weapon. It can be a "get off me" weapon.

8. A spear weapon or bladed staff (especially the Japanese Yari) to keep distance (ya'll know my inner Nasty_Freak when I think about this weapon on human enemies). ;)

9. A hatchet/axe and hammer combination type of weapon tool for cutting and as blunt. Helps cut trees, break glass, and break a door open in case needed just to name a few uses.

10. Throwing weapons (which can be items too). They are knives, daggers, blades/ninja stars, boomerangs, hatchets/axes, rocks/boulders, vases, Molotov cocktails, environmental items, or even used up/broken weapons that have become useless as melee (such as a bent or broken spear weapon). When all is lost (especially ammo) but want to attack from a distance, these throwing weapons can be used. Many of these can be IMPROVISED. These may or may not kill the enemies but most likely will stun them enough for you to escape or make your next move.

Honorable mentions...

* Rapid fire/full auto machine guns. This would have been in place of my weapon number 2 if I would somehow have access to these (most specifically an M16 for me). In fact if there were no rules and I had access to my favorite weapons and have the right skills for all my weapons, I'd have an M16 with a grenade launcher with it. 🤩;)

* Rapid fire sub-machine guns (such as an Uzi, MAC 10, MAC 11, or even Glock 18).

* A 12 gauge shotgun. Many are CA compliant and the ammo for this is so common but damn the recoil on this is horrible (or at least it was when I was 16 years old and I have yet to shoot one again). Excellent for close range. I'm looking at the Mossberg models since many are in under the $900 range. I hope the AR rifles do not get banned other wise I'd have to resort to this instead. Ugh... :cautious::LOL:

* A machete is a good weapon as something to chop wood as a replacement for that axe/hatchet in my list or as a nice replacement for that hunting/bowie knife.

* Crossbow or bow and arrow for silent shooting. They do require extensive training I believe in order to master their skills.

* Baseball bats. Good blunt weapon.

* A plain hammer in case I don't have that axe/hatchet and hammer combo weapon. I already have a hammer in the trunk of my car.

* Kitchen knives. These seem to be very useful and common in various shapes and sizes. Just note that they may not be as reliable (durable) as the more tactical knives (folding knife and bowie/hunting knife).

* A taser/stun gun. This is a good alternative to guns when against humans but maybe not the best against other creatures.

* Pepper Spray. This is a good alternative to guns when against humans but maybe not the best against other creatures.

* Bear spray for a bear only. A .308 rifle or anything larger than that ammo are excellent too I believe to take down a bear. A .357 or 100mm pistol I read were also good for bears but risky since they require to be at closer range. I do not have a rifle that is larger than a .308 in my list because those other rifles are not common as the .308. A 5.56 may kill a bear but note that I believe it is illegal and may take more than 5 shots in the head before it the bear dies, which is extremely risky when a bear is charging at us (bears are FASTER than humans for the most part).

* Crowbar. Durable and can give a distance when used as a melee weapon. Also a very useful tool.

* Grenades and other explosives. Can take out multiple enemies at once but requires professionals who are trained to use these.

* Pellet guns. In case there are those who do not have the legal right to own a gun (me included though I plan to take my test to get a permit to own firearms within 3 years for my first gun at least), pellet guns seem to be excellent alternatives. They come in various sizes and are better than BB guns since pellets are made to kill and hunt small game and for pest control (yes I'm looking at skunks and possums in my yards).

These would be my ideal choices as weapons when SHTF. Now for those who cannot own a gun and are bombarded in a SHTF while caught off guard doing your own thing, unable to go to a store and buy a weapon, my advise is to look around your environment and see what can be used. A pipe, stick, broom, a metal pen, or anything in the environment that seems to be a weapon can be used. We gamers usually know that anything can be picked up and used as a weapon even if it's just throwing items. Primitive as it is, it's still much ore helpful than doing nothing when someone or something attacks. Also, some of us might know how to defend ourselves already so use that as an advantage too. ;)

What are your ideas and thoughts?
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