US vs EU PSN Demo


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So I've played the US and the EU PSN demo and was wondering if someone could tell which demo is more recent?

Because in the EU version, the Pit Fatality is very different, when your opponent is punched, he really gets projected in the air and falls to his certain death (LOL).

In the US version, when your opponent is hit, it looks like they're slipping on some banana and then fall off the brigde.

Also the US version has an extended trailer at the end of the ladder matches, in which they show some online and challenge tower gameplay. The EU version lacks this.

I personnally loved the EU Pit Fatality more, so I hope that version stays in the final game.


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Are you guys playing the US demo? Can you confirm what I described? Or describe the US version pit fatality that you guys can do?

Cause every video I check that has the Pit Fatality in it, is the same as the EU version...

Maybe it's just a glitchy demo version I played...
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I'm playing the EU(AT) Version.. I didn't expect the demo to be different in the US o_O ..nice find though!

I can just say (not record) that it looks in fact like an normal uppercut. and the finished person flies a bit in the background (or front).

Going to test this tomorrow. I just did the fatalitys so many times that it got odd and didn't do them anymore :)


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In the EU demo it looks indeed like a "normal" uppercut animation, but in the US version I've played, when you uppercut, they don't fly off in the air but they seem to slip.

Maybe it was just a very early EU demo, could be... It was at a Warner Bros event so...


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Need to make the liver on the spike a random event though in my opinion would make it a bit more special