Trophy Glitch (Turtle, Dont Jump, Throws 4 Champs)

Artur Pach

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Recently (pre-patch) i got pissed of from getting disconnected from online so i signed out of my psn to reset it but didnt sign back in. i went to Test your luck for the f*** of it to try and get "luck be your lady". I didnt, but since it was easy round, i didnt do much to win just spammed the same combo.
Here is the funny thing, at the end, i got the "Dont jump" achievement!! (a Ranked Match trophy)
I tried again for fun and kept grabbing and got the Throws AND the Turtle trophies even though i won the round without the timer going out!
I told my friend in germany, he tried it and it worked for him too!!!
Just wondering if it was a random coincidence or a legit glitch?? Anyone want to try it? ^___^
Tried it, no go though... went online on MK, won a Ranked game (5 sec and I found a Ranked opponent, was first time it happened that fast, normally takes 5 mins for me. lol) , signed out of PSN from there right after, went to test your luck, just grabbed all the time but nothing, tried different things but nothing seems to work. What needs to be done exactly?
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i think you need to GET disconnected.... i got signed out of online... then went in did it and it worked. Ithink it probably thinks you're still in online mode or something....