Story Mode = One fight fixes everything?

I've completed the Story Mode twice already and I find it enjoyable mostly but there are funny moments:

- okay, we all know that MK is intentionally over-the-top and we can't really expect reason behind all things but the game doesn't do justice to Kenshi. In the first chapter he's konocked out by one blow from Shinnok. Then he injures his leg in Jax' chapter and he's out of the fight immediately. Then his back on his feet in the next chapter but again he's beaten by Scoprpion simply losing Sento. Then Johnny jumps in to fight instead of him but Kenshi sits out the whole game actually
- then comes the grand finale. Okay, I understand that the new faces have to be the heroes because it was about their coming of age. But it's still laughable when Sub-Zero saves them from Kotal then sends them to fight Shinnok alone. I mean, come on! Sub-Zero is a seasoned veteran who knows how bad Shinnok is and sends kids to save the world while he beats up some Outworlders who were beaten already? Come on!
- you gotta love these let's remove the other guy from the fight and let the hero of the chapter deal with the baddie moments: Reptile spits acid to Takeda's eyes so Jacquie can fight him alone. Then Takeda fights off an entire army to let Jacquie deal with Ferra/Torr. All of Kenshi's scenes. Or take Cassie's case, she's out while D'Vorah fights Tanya.

That's what I call lazy writing.