sheeva missing??!?!?!?

You see I didn't want tou tell you something bad, but other true 10 year old chickens are really annoying me. I have been playing MK for a long time. till i was a kid.

I was just joking.

If really, then I'm 22 years old, but I have a wife and we together are playing mk a long time.

Sorry for badness...
well about sheeva, you CAN unlock her but its not really her, choose the classic tournament(l+r+start at main menu) and push up+start and occasionally you'll get an E instead of a person and Its a glitchy object called sheeva!She bleeds like sheeva and has her hp,hp,lp,f+hp combo! you can either destroy her using throws or projectiles!she also can do sweeps very quick to kill you if it connects! if you try to do a finisher, the game will crash! experiment with her at your own risk..... :shock: