Rumor: Kitana dies again in story mode.


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Then explain to me how it's any coincidence that Kitana's reveal came in the aftermath of half a year's worth of Kitana requests being retweeted by Ed Boon...

All I have to say is, coincidence my ass.

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There's no coincidence. That'd be silly.

The roster is most likely planned from the start.
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While I like her new look and what seems to be a darker Kitana, I am fine if she dies in the Story...again


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I don't think that will be the case. NRS basically gave her an extreme makeover in this game. I feel like they have something special or something big planned for her. If it's true, I don't really mind anyways because we all know Kitana can never sit one out. She always manages to make her way into any installment of the series. She's the Chun-Li of MK!
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Poor poor Kitana has to be the goody-goody rendition of the vicious Mileena, but I'd like to see a Kitana-Raiden storyline of substance.