Question about the kollectors edition


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Hey Im planning on preordering the Kollectors Edition on Amazon. And I was wondering the ninja suits that come with the edition, what are they? It doesnt have any details really. Is it like the old school suit that come with the preorders? And is it for all the ninjas or just one random one? I really hope its all of em, especially because I want both scorpions and reptiles old school suit. THanks.
From Amazon you get Reptile Klassic Skin and fatality with any edition of the game and since your getting the Kollectors you will also get Ermac skin and Fatality :)
all these are still unlockable in the game also

I don't think so man.
The alternative costumes can be unlocked in the krypt, but the classic costumes are pre-order bonuses that you'll get earlier for pre-ordering them from their respective stores. They will eventually be avaible for DLC later on.
I sure hope so, I think I would have gone for the Ermac Klassic if I new amazon was going to be giving out Reptiles and Ermac's. If anything I'm extremely happy I can pick up my copy at GameStop at midnight on the 18th well the 19th since it's midnight:)