Quan Chi, I think I love you


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Quan Chi became a favorite character of mine back in Deadly Alliance, but he just excueeds sheer awesomeness in the latest MK. In addition to the basic look of the character, two particular items just make me giddy:

* His win pose. The first time I saw the Shinnok hands emerge and form a throne for the pale sorcerer to recline arrogantly into, it gave me chills. In a game full of cool win poses, this has to be my favorite. It's almost worth skipping a finishing move for.

* His post-fatality pose for "on Your Knees." Man, the sheer LOOK in his eyes is amazing as he hold shis enemy's head aloft. Manic glee. Love of death. Fabulous.

For that matter I love his sword. A far better fit than the old broad swords and I would'nt mind seeing it pop up in his combos in the next game.

Still getting the hang of his moves, but I feel like he has a lot of potential. Here's a combo video I found:

- V