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Hello there, TRMK-ers.

This thread is especially for those that wish to request a signature or avatar of whatever they please. However, there are certain rules that need to be upheld at all times when requesting a sig.

Try and request reasonably. - Don't ask for a sig of Naruto making love to Sonic on a King Of Fighters 2003 title screen, please. That's just too difficult, not to mention, downright sickening.

Leave a week between each request. - You can request a signature and avatar at the same time, but be specific.

DON'T BUMP YOUR OWN POSTS. - Please, be patient. Making a sig actually takes a lot more time than you might think. If you bump your own unanswered requests, that makes people evern less motivated to make them.

Show some graditude. - Even if it is a simple 'thanks', it's more than what's usually given. People take time out to make these, and they would like to know that their efforts are appreciated.

Mods, if you feel that giving out Karma for each successful request is appropriate, then do so. I would also like to request that this thread be stickied, if that's alright with you guys.

Current request list.
None as of yet.
hey can I get an Avatar, I am not to good at making those, I usually need a lot of space, thats why I only make sigs, how bout one with Knuckles. Thanks.
anyone make me a batman vs punisher one? i'd be grateful as hell.
failing that, an 'animal crossing massacre' sig would be dope
i don't do avatars that well but one or two of the requested sigs i could do, i just hope i don't lose this thread if it gets unstickied.
I am in the process (meaning i just got the pictures ready) of doing the following sigs:

Reptile Sig for Acid Rain

Batman vs. Punisher sig for Goraka (i have an idea but if you want specifics pm me)

Shaolin Monks sig (not requested up for grabs)

For Hydro...the scorpion and sub-zero fighting one...specifics plz. what moves? who winning? spear? frost blast? sprite or pic from mksm, deception ect.

Plz allow some time for these. most likely i will make two of each sig just in case you don't like the first one. also if you don't like then plz for the love of God, pm me the details and provide pics. thank you. :)

Umm...hi. Could one of you make me an avatar with Kitana and Mileena? I'd love it if you could... :wink: I'm a ditz and i'm helpless.

and thanks Kona!
anytime. i do not do avatars as of this moment. the reason being many forums require different sizes. one for trmk i could do one about the size of my avatar. i'll see what i can do tara, though it won't be my best work.
Ok acid rain?, here is version one of your sig. I didn't know exactly what you meant by 'cool reptile sig' so i just made a custom background and blended reptile in. If this is not what you are looking for (probably isnt) then plz provide specifics in the following format:

Text: (what you want on the sig)
Pictures: (provide links or specific description, i.e reptile render, raiden's staff.
Color: (colors in background)
Border: (yes, no? color, size)
Special: (animations, flashes, ect.)
Additional: (anything else you want added, special effects and such)

All my sigs are 450x100 in size.