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Patrick McCarron

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Post Your XBox Live Gamer Tags

For those of us who want to compete against each other when MK:D comes out, you should post your Xbox Live Gamer Tag in your signature. It should make some community challenges easier!

Mine should be McCarron, I have to renew it still though so it may change.


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good call on the gamertags. I'll be mastering one or two characters before going up against anyone online. but I will be there eventually.



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I'm registering mine on Tuesday. It's going to be "Decrethix", as in my sig. So, I'll be looking forward to playing you guys. Soon.


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gamertag: C0LT (Thats a ZERO for the 0 in C0LT)

I'll be playing as soon as its out and if anyone needs to be schooled challenge me.
if i get it (dad is still debating and i'm cheap) it'll be highwaytothelost. And i suck at mortal kombat so if you want a win challenge me lmao. And if highwaytothelost is taken (if it is i'm going to be pissed) it will be tsolehtotyawhgih. highwaytothelost backwards. :p


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whatashame said:
It will be a little while, but I will attempt to register under my usual WAS alias.

It kicks ass! Make sure you have a headset to verbally bitch slap all of these kiddies.


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I did not pick my name it cames with the used xbox LOL
i play alot on Live.

TAGNAME: UnjustDarkLink

hopefully when this used xbox live link ends next month i can use the 2 free month one, because it did not take work right now.