Need a new sig

Robot Commander

New member
I know what your thinking. I have one. Well I accedentely deleted it and I cant find the thread where I got it. And if your gonna say make one yourself, ive tried millions of times and they all suck. The kind of sig I want is something like Noob-Ermac's sig. Anything like that but here are the rules:

1. I want it to have Smoke, Cyrax and Sector
2. The robots can be from any game
3. Most importantly, NO PENISES. :lol:

If u can make it, I will really appriciate it.
Jesus, we really should get a seperate board for these types of things. It's getting annoying. Anyways, if you want, I can make you one, but you might have to wait until tomorrow night. That way I can spend some time on it, as Christmas break starts after school tomorrow.