Mortal Kombat 9 not on any XBone backwards compatibility list????


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Has anyone noticed that this game isn't even on any of the rumored game lists? I would think this would be in the top 50 at least that gets released on the day the backwards compatibility becomes available. I looked at a list of supporters for the backwards compatibility and WB was on it. I would just think MK9 would already be on lists. Am I thinking this is a bigger game than it really was??
I think it's more of a license thing with WB considering the slow BC list of games on xbox one. I remember Phil Spencer mentioning something about getting the license ( permission from the publisher ) for each game takes forever for some strange reason. My guess is WB made so much money on MKX that they are too distracted with other things at the moment. I'm sure they'll get to it eventually but it will be a while IMO.
Microsoft is going to take care of first-party games first, hence why they're giving away the entire Gears of War collection on BC for Ultimate Edition owners.