Mortal Kombat 2 Sound Emulation News

Patrick McCarron

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Well it seems our wait is over before it really began for sound emulation for <b>Mortal Kombat 2</b> in <a href="">MAME</a>. <b>Ernesto Corvi</b> and <b>Aaron Giles</b> have just recently gotten sound to work for <b>MK2's MAME driver</b>. But speed, is going to be a problem for most of us out there. The game being how detailed it is, and the driver being in early stages, <b><i>will only run about 90% on a P3 966mhz during game play with sound enabled</i></b>. This is probably only a temporary situation as the driver will probably be optimized in time, as the original MK1 sound drivers were in time. The release date for the next beta of MAME is unknown at this time. Here is the quotes from <a href="">RetroGames</a>,
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MAME WIP: After fixing something that turned out to be a CPU hog, MKII is getting 90% on a PIII/966 during gameplay and 100% during the attract mode, with sound enabled. Hopefully, it'll be sped up a bit more before its release. Maybe now is a good time to upgrade my paltry PII/266 :) - atila
MAME WIP: Sound emulation has been added to Mortal Kombat II, courtesy of Ernesto Corvi and Aaron giles. Don't get TOO excited though, as even a 1Ghz PIII does not run MKII full speed with sound emulation enabled. Aaron's latest update also fixes the crashes in NARC (among other things). - atila