MKX PC Version


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I keep hearing Ed Boon say, that NRS is personally working on the Next Gen console version of the game. I hope he means the PC version as well. You guys dont think he would have other companies work on the pc version along with the Xbox 360 and PS3 do u? I mean you cant get more next gen than a gaming rig. I just really hope that NRS is personally working on Xbox ONE, PS4, and PC. Thoughts???


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I have no idea what there plans are.
I do know that the PC version sold WAY more then they thought it was going to.
If they do port the inferior version onto PC they should know it'll piss A LOT of people off.


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He said in one interview that NRS MIGHT work on the PC version. It sounded to me like they didn't even start working on the port and i though that it will be: Base PC Version > Next-Gen > Last-Gen. So i am not really sure what is happening.
I really hope and i think that it will be based on the next-gen version, anything else would be stupid and shocking.

I saw many ppl asking him on social media about the PC version but he never said or confirmed anything, it looks like he just doesn't want to talk about it or he doesn't have much info. MK9 gives me much hope because if we are talking about the port, i think that HVS did amazing job.