Mk Online Titles


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for those who r lucky to have gotten the game b4 the psn outage or xbox users... does mk9 have on titles kinda like in street fighter 4?
I hope they add some type of save replay option and some online Titles for the game with a update. As much as NRS was hyping their online modes, it makes no sense all that these basic options were left out.
Even if you do not have a title against yor name then you should still recieve a title especially in KOH mode for multiple wins by the announcer as a kind of commentry and as somthing of an achievement whilst clocking up wins say if you got 10 Wins in a row then the announcer should say somthing like "Unstoppable!" or similar like the old quake sounds for kills in CSS by Valve Software, somthing to let everyone know about it and somthing for you to earn also and would just feel good