Midway Confirms MK: Deception Limited Edition


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Today, Midway <a href='http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/040803/35255_1.html'>officially announced</a> <B>Limited Editions</B> of <B>Mortal Kombat: Deception</B>. The Limited Edition will have five different distinct box covers. The <B>PS2's "Premium Pack"</B> will get a <B>Sub-Zero</B> cover while the <B>Xbox’s "Kollectors Edition"</B> will have <B>Baraka</B>, <B>Mileena</B>, <B>Raiden</B> and <B>Scorpion</B> box covers. It will have a MSRP of <B>$59.99</B> and contain the following extra features:
<LI>An arcade-perfect, playable of the original Mortal Kombat® videogame
<LI>Over 40 minutes of bonus DVD video content featuring a "History of Mortal Kombat" movie that chronicles the origins of the franchise through the release of Mortal Kombat: Deception, along with exclusive biographical videos for each of the 25 characters in the game.
<LI>A serialized, embossed metal Kollector's Card created exclusively for the Limited Edition sets; there will be five unique cards in total (each of a different MK character), corresponding to the respective packaging.