make a wish game! (Twisted Metal style!)


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Basically, you post something you wish, for example,
"I wish I could finish this paper".

The next person replies by granting the wish, but in a bite-you-on-the-ass manner, for example:
"Granted! You finish the paper, but the file gets corrupted when you try to save."
Then that next person posts something they wish.


I wish I had a better computer so I could play my game.
Granted.....Too bad they take 99% out for taxes.

I wish I could control EVERY aspect of reality, while STILL having time for family guy.
Granted, but the information on how to control everything caused your brain to implode, killing you with no chance of revival OR KEEPSIES OR BLACK MAGIC

I wish I could date a mannequin

Try that, boys.
Granted. Too bad you're a napkin.

I wish Gororules would continue to make these idiotic topics! <3
:wink: Granted, but you'll never stop the nazi-admin in me that never wants to make fun topics :wink:

I wish they made healthier snack foods CHEAPER!
Granted, but there aren't no flavors and ingredients in it except stuff that aren't supposed to be good.

I wish I can beat the s**t out of them police bastards.
Granted but you can't beat the swats but they can beat you:)

I wish if dad lets me skip school

granted, he lets you off of school.... but you have to spend all that time at the dentist!

i wish i had a beautiful girlfriend.
Granted, but it turns to be Mileena's long lost sister Seleena and eats you up after making out in your bedroom.

I wish ChiefThunder becomes Mini-Me's size.