Li Mei

Well most X-Rays could be fatalities..just look at Kitana's or Baraka's.

Very true. So as Kung Lao's as you suffocate to death, Cyrax's when you're paralyzed and brain dead, Mileena's from ruptured organs, Shang Tsung's when you're just a soulless husk, and Kenshi's from being sliced from the middle.
That one is much better than the one you thought up before. But what would be her X-Ray startup attack?

Her Carnival Kick (a front flip kick she does) would be good. It would be similar to Liu Kang's X-Ray.

For her outfit, I'd love to see the colors to be indigo (blue-violet), purple, and pink mixed together like the color of marble. That would be so awesome, it'd make me want to wear a bikini that colorful. lol ;-)
Her Carnival Kick (a front flip kick she does) would be good. It would be similar to Liu Kang's X-Ray.

For her outfit, I'd love to see the colors to be indigo (blue-violet), purple, and pink mixed together like the color of marble. That would be so awesome, it'd make me want to wear a bikini that colorful. lol ;-)

Agree on the X-Ray startup and her outfit color, but what exactly is she gonna wear in general?
I too prefer her primary in MKDA as well, bikini suits are getting stale imo.

Also I would like her to have a new weapon other than sais or swords. Something that would fit her style.
I was thinking since the weapons are incorporated to some characters' move, Li Mei would be better off with either no weapons at all or with some type of gauntlets and greaves weapon.
I think it would be cool if Li Mei were reintroduced in MK10 as the general of Outworld's resistance force and the main antagonist/threat of Shao Kahn's rule in Outworld during the pre-MK1 times
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I ain't gonna see Li Mei as a villain.

Make her something that is almost... Liu Kang-ish.

How would you make her story better "if" she is part of the Outworld resistance.
Her storyline is perfectly fine, she just needs a better overall theme for her powers and abilities

Oh and uhhh just so y'all know, I got a Li Mei fanfic on deck called "An Emerging Warrior Spirit" that all y'all might wanna check out

It's got multiple chapters, just so y'all know, and Imma put up the last one next week, ya feel me so....

Hold up Imma link it in a sec

Here y'all go-
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I know a lot of people didn't like her ending where she went evil, but I think i prefer her as a villain :)
I disagree. I also thought her ending in Deception was well...strange.
Especially as she joined the FOL in Armageddon. I like her as a character and think she will be included in other games in the future on the side of good.
I know a lot of people actually like her Deception ending. Not me though. I hated it. I don't get her character. Granted that ending was non-cannon, still, it made no sense at all. To see this character go from being a slave, to a person who has a chance to defeat two sorcerers, to an almost enslaved Dragon Warrior, to a more defining warrior, to being Onaga's... whatchamacallit... I have no idea what the hell this character is actually supposed to be.

She began as a slave who worked to construct Shang Tsung's palace. Quan Chi seemed interested in her for some reason and offered her and her people freedom if she wins the tournament, even though we know when villains offer stuff like that bad things usually follow afterwards. And during Deception when Shujinko trains her, he tells her that her chances to win against the Deadly Alliance were slim. Okay and that was right because she gets somewhat enslaved in the Dragon Warrior zombie thing until Bo Rai' Cho saves her. He then trains her where she becomes a better fighter and then we just see that get thrown away because she'd rather have some "hey hey" time with a dragon. I mean what was that? I thought for a while this character had some great potential of being a great female character, but when I saw that Deception ending I literally just dropped my controller, turned off the game and just walked away. I was like, "what was that?" And I still question it every day on these sites. I know that people will like things I don't like, but I don't get how people are actually a fan of this ending.

And I cannot see this character being evil. I really don't. Tanya was one of those characters who was written well to where we thought she was originally a good character. She seemed innocent in her avatar, we assumed that she would be good because she's from Edenia, and her biography didn't seem like she was evil at all. But when we beat the game with her, we find out that she's not that good as we all thought she would be. That was really well written and I was stunned to see that she is in fact, an evil character. But with Li Mei, to turn on all of the Earthrealm warriors, I just didn't think that was well written at all. I had no idea what that was because I couldn't see the connection as to why she would just turn on everyone to be with Onaga.

Her biocard literally says that she's a fighter who fights for her enslaved people and persecuted souls everywhere. And granted that at the very end of her Deception biography, it says that she's attached to this strong power that's taken control of Outworld, but I don't get where this love story comes in with Onaga. Why would she fall in love with him? Because of the power he possessed? I'm just like... hating on this character because she makes no freaking sense. The direction that she was always given was that she was a slave who had a chance to fight for people, but when you see this ending, does everything she stand for just went away? Does she not care about these people of hers anymore? Because I doubt Onaga would care that these enslaved people she once belonged to were trying to be saved by her. And I doubt that she would influence him to spare these guys because she was once apart of them.

Li Mei, I don't get you, probably never will either.