Johnny Cage

Lololol. Personally I hope JC has a greater role in MK10. I hope they don't kill him off early, let his character grow
They made him survive (for once) at the end of MK9! I think he will have a significant role to play in MK10.
JOHNNY CAGE-Hollywood Movie Star,he's my favorite & he's my number one guy,On Mortal Kombat 2 he disappeared then all of a sudden he resurfaces out of nowhere.I like his special moves like his green fireball or forceball,shadow kick,shadow uppercut & split punch,those special moves are cool & YES! Please bring him back & I want to see him in the Mortal Kombat X game.

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Loved his look over the years but never really used him. So it wont hurt my feelings if he doesnt return
It would be awesome & exciting to see JOHNNY CAGE reunited with his daughter CASSANDRA "CASSIE"CAGE in Mortal Kombat X
I am so happy,so glad & so excited to hear that JOHNNY CAGE my favorite Mortal Kombat Kombatant & my number one guy is back in Mortal Kombat X along with his wife SONYA BLADE & his daughter CASSANDRA"CASSIE"CAGE