Is anyone as big a mortal kombat 4 fan as I am?


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I think my username is proof that I liked MK4 a lot. After all, that's where the whole "Reiko is Kahn" and "Reiko is not Kahn" debates way back in the day. I enjoyed the game and to be honest, it was a lot easier to play than the previously released games. Gold was just an enhanced version but I appreciated them including a few extras so I will forever stamp it with my approval. MK:DA/D/A, however, are a different story...

By the way, Sektor's ending in MKG was one of the most epic in the series!
I really like MK4. The fighting system was nice, most of the characters were appealing, "James Bond" Johnny Cage look was great, it had Fujin and the most successful villain in MK "Quan Chi" (the one guy post mk3 which was able to dethrone "classic" character). MK Gold brought back Kitana and Kung Lao which were even more awesome.

It did have some really bad characters like "bland" Kai and "Baby Earter" Jarek.

It also had the most hilarious cheesy endings. Classics to this day.