Injustice= abyssmal netcode


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but Raven's combos register about a good 1/11 times. It's insane.

Found out the problem was I was mashing the string out online. Yung helped me practice getting my shit together in online training and now it feels great.

Now if only they'd transfer this netcode over to MK9 :?


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Nrs needs to fix this damn net code.. It's insane that we've gotten five dlc characters with patches, and hot fixes but the netcode seems to get worse everytime they change something. The online lag is one thing but when my game freezes forcing me to quit because my controller doesn't respond is another! I was facing a good black adam player when for no apparent reason my controller stopped working and at first I thought my console was malfunctioning but I heard the other guy (black adam player) yelling that his controller wasn't working ether! the funny thing is the playstation home button worked fine but the other inputs didn't?! WTF??! Anyway I quit the game and (of course) my controller works fine again.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?
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welp I finally get a chance to face empr dark in a few games in koth problem is input delay and nothing's more fun than dropping your moves to a high level joker someone tell me why I'm playing this game again?


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Hopefully the NeRdS (NetherRealm Studios + Ed) will be wiser with MKX from the Injustice experiences.