Ermac's epilouge


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Here's an old story i did along with an art piece. I decided to post it here becuase its a good story.

After the defeat of Onaga, Ermac bids farewell to his new earthrealm allies and goes on his search for this new disturbance he traces, he knew that he would need alot more power than he has now so he goes off to search for items for his quest. He comes across two things, first he finds Shinnok's Amulet in the throne room of the dragon king and decides to take it. The amulet boosts his telekinesis by 10-fold. Even with this new power he still is unsure that he is strong enough. One of his many souls speak to him, " Have you forgotten there is all of us in this form? We are the greatest warriors and sorcerers combined into this being, we have the memory and knowledge of where to get what we desire in our journey..." He goes off into one of the lowest planes of the netherrealm. It is believed he went to the 7th plane. As he goes along his journey he is heavily weakened, however! When he reaches a mystical portal he is delighted. He steps through and feels a HUGE surge of his power come back that he nearly goes unconcience. As he walks up the statue he grabs the staff of the souls...

Some Statistics...
With the amulet he has now more energy to do more powerful attacks. One of the first new attacks is to manipulate himself into 7 different
clones. They all carry a fraction a the power divided. Another move allows him to do mind control on an oppenent for a certain amount of time. One of his more powerful moves is a soulnado-type hadoken. The Staff of Souls enables him to also do even more great deeds. It can make a transparent axe to use in battle. (think about the swords in the soul tombs in MKSM when you fight Baraka and you get the picture)
The staff also lets him move freely about the netherrealm without his magic decreasing. A special move is that he can summon the souls of fallen warriors and heroes of goodwill to his aid. With this new power Ermac also gets a new look. After he gets the staff he goes back to earthrealm and seeks the help of the elder gods to train him with this new power...