Classic Fatality Request for Potential DLC - Part 2

Which of These Classic Fatalities Would You Like to See as Potential DLC?

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I'm glad everyone is enjoying these threads.

Again, please don't get your hopes up or expect anything to come of them. The NRS team I'm sure is infinitely busy, but if they at least get a look at what the community would like to see, you never know if they will take them into consideration in a few months, or throw them into the next game.
Reptile must get his UMK3 Acid Puke Fatality back for MK9. And it kinda already is in the game as its in "Test Your Sight" so I hope we get it for Arcade Mode.
So far, it looks like Reptiles Acid Shower, Cyrax's Helichopper, Lui Kangs Arcade Drop, and Mileena's Man Eater are the winners :D
This poll is closing shortly guys...get your votes in ASAP. There will be a final poll started today, and then all the results will be brought to the attention of NRS.

I keep stressing it, but please don't expect anythig to come of it. They'll get a chance to see it but it doesn't mean they'll have the time/resources to implement anything.
I just hope Mileena's Maneater is not like before. I hope she doesn't suck up the victim's entire body but instead she should chew it up chunk by chunk.
The fatalities in Mk Deadly Alliance were cool. Granted, not all of them were great....*cough* Quan chi's neck thing *cough* I can't even begin to say how much the ones in MK vs DC sucked. The classic fatalities are just great, they should bring them all back. :)
Scorpion- Gangbang (Or whatever it was in UMK3)
Sektor- Compactor (UMK3)
Smoke- The one where he goes into you and stretches you until you explode (MKT)
Kano- Skeleton Pull (MK3)
Jax- Slice and Dice (MK3)
Liu Kang- Shaolin Soccer (MKSM)
Rain (if DLC)- Upside Down Uppercut (MKT)
Sub-Zero- Winterfresh Breath (MK3)
Scorpion- Spear Dismemberment (MKD)
Mileena- Get Nailed (UMK3)
Sindel- Scream-Skinned (MK3)
Reptile- Body Chomp (UMK3)
Kabal- Head-Inflate (MK3)
And the winners are...

Cyrax Helichopper - received exactly 20 votes, so it makes it into the final
Reptile Acid Shower - the #1 winner on this poll. As it exceeded 20 votes, it makes it to the final
Mileena Maneater - Was not subject to the normal Request rule since she does not have a classic in-game.
Sindel Banshee Scream - Exceeded 10 votes
Ermac - Teleslam - Exceeded 10 votes
Jade - Body Shaker - Exceeded 10 votes
Shang Tsung Kintaro Morph - Exceeded 10 votes (was not subject to Request rule)

The Losers are...

Mileena Sai Stab Massacre - Beaten by Maneater
Liu Kang Arcade Drop - Did not meet 20 vote request criteria (thank God)
Kabal Oogey Boogy Boogy Boo Face - Did not meet 20 vote request criteria

Thanks for all the input guys. The final poll is up. I can see that not everyone has paid attention to the note that I'm trying to avoid ridiculous fatalities, but as I had only one post in here asking for them, there's no need for anything but the final poll. Get in there and vote!
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Can't wait to use kitana's kiss of death hopefully it is realistic like lips to lips hahaha and hopefully they have the cyrax helichopter fatality