Bugs in the demo


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I was playing the demo this morning and something odd happened. a black line appeared linking scorpion's arm to the middle of the far left screen (check the screen below). At "A" & "B" the line was anchored and it was extending or being reduced depending on how scorpion was moving. It appeared in round 1 and dissapeared after the fatality. anyone else experienced that bug? I hope issues like that will be fixed in the final version.

Did you guys noticed any other bugs in the demo? You can post them here.

That black line is pretty much the only bug I've encountered in the demo. And even then, it only happened to me when I played as Scorpion.
yeah I've had Sub Zero's X Ray hit someone as they were jumping over him and the animation happened without the opponent there. He crushed a liver out of thin air. Also once I did his Ice Clone in the air right above the opponent and some weird frame rate stuff occurred.
Well, there's a "regular" bug that I think they should fix. Sub-Zero's X-Ray is out of sync with the sound effects. In other words, you hear the liver crushing BEFORE SZ crushes it.

Another bug (random) happened with the music/tracks playing. All of a sudden, the music would stop and all you hear a weired noise.

Those two, and the one you mentioned, are all the bugs I've seen so far. Hope there aren't others.
There is also a Typo error in the french version of the demo:


It should be "SCORPION A GAGNE!" and not "SCORPION A GAGN!" there is an "E" missing.
well i wouldnt call this a bug personally but when im playing with sub and i do his ice clone sometimes it doesnt come out, he just does the animation of him jumping back and i can hear the ice noise but theres no ice clone there... find that quite irritating tbh....

and also some times while playing johnny i try do his nut punch, which the inputs are qbc(quarter back circle) [] and they dont come out all they time and some times very very weirdly i do a qbc [] it doesnt come out then i do qfc and it comes out... find that very weird
A glitch that just happened a while ago while I was playing the demo with my friend, we went into the 3rd round but the announcer never spoke the words nor did the text (Round 3, FIGHT) appear. The loser of the last match just got up and we waited for a few seconds for the round to start only to find out it already did lol.