Blade & Soul (Korean MMORPG)


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So I just found out about this obscure Korean MMORPG that has been in development. I believe it's currently in Korean closed beta. To be honest, I'm not really into MMO's that much. I used to play WoW a decent amount but I rarely play it now or if I do it's in brief stints... and I have to admit this got my attention.

View in 720p for best quality:

Eh, some weird characters in there but I wouldn't expect anything less from a Korean game. It certainly looks the part. It is said to be considered for release elsewhere in the world, but it's not even out in Korea yet so we'll see.

"The game consists of four playable races, humanoid species called the Jin, the Gon, the Lyn, and an exclusively female race called the Kun. The game features eight playable classes, but only the Blade Master, Assassin, Kung-Fu Master, Force Master and Destroyer have been unveiled. Though it has been hinted summoner and marksman are likely to be in the final release."

EDIT: I suggest checking out this guy's channel: he has a lot of high quality videos of the game:
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