Anyone know if bosses have fatalities?


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Anyone know if the bosses will have fatalities or better yet, will we be able to perform a fatality on them?

It would be AWESOME to do a fatality on them. I always hated after u defeated them that was it
Bosses have fatalities and x-rays, but it's still not clear if it's possible to perform fatalities on them.
Hopefully yes, since it's been hinted some of them are playable.
They said in an interview that they won't be playable.
Actually it was said in an interview that MOST wouldn't be playable, they didn't say all.

I'm not sure if you can perform fatalities on bosses or not, but they can perform them on you. But my guess is that you will be able to.
I wonder what kind of fatalities goro Kahn and kintaro will do.

I can def imagine goro or kintaro ripping arms n legs off. Kahn I can see him bludgeon someone to death with his club lol
Bosses definately have fatalities cuz they described Shao Kahn's in the Australian report that he grabs them and slowly rips them in half. I have a feeling they will all be playable, but for offline only.