Any word on new characters?

I just dont get what the hell they are doing over there. WB is all about profits. MK9 sold extremely well and the DLC sold ridiculously good as Boon put it and yet they arent making anymore right now. Its a extremely foolish part on their part. The fans obviously want more DLC and not just kharacters. Yeah kharacters are the most requested, but that doesnt mean other things wont sell well as Boon seems to think. With sales being so great, they need to take a chance and develop other things like a stage or fatality pack and see how it sells cuz I strongly believe it will sell very well just like they kharacters did. If DLC continues to sell well, then they should continue to put out more DLC.
Yup, from a business viewpoint, it makes no sense but it seems they have the "We've made our massive ****load of money, so **** 'em!" mentality.