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    Full List Of Golden Joystick Award Winners 2011

    Ultimate Game of the Year Portal 2, Valve Corporation Runner-up: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Activision Blizzard/Blizzard Entertainment Best Action Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Ubisoft/Ubisoft Montreal Runner-up: Portal 2, Valve Corporation/EA Best Mobile Angry Birds Rio, Rovio...
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    Steve Jobs - dead at 56
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    Noob's black hole - a use

    by WannaTouchMacaque
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    Face Time: Mortal Kombat's Ed Boon
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    Kung Lao infinite discovered

    By Doctrine Dark Can be breakered but obviously lots of life gone and can get them right back in.
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    Never say GG to Miracle4ever

    To be clear, this is not me - just something found in YouTube.
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    Noob disabler assist 100% loop combo

    Shades of MKT? Done by MartialArtsFights
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    The NRS patching system is flawed

    For Xbox anyway. Patches don't download - you only access them online so you get a different game experience offline.
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    Confirmation the Lady in Red exists...

    Hector Sanchez confirms in Brazil that she exists. From the MKO thread. Looks like Lupinko was right again...
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    Cyber Sub Zero Fake

    By Aku_aaron - he did it on the Midway boards months ago.
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    Kung Lao render

    Credit Minion MKO.
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    Would you accept Mileena's teddy bear?

    Well would you?
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    New screenshots

    credit Balkan mko And 10 more
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    MK graffiti

    Done by Fezat and Mistix