New screenshots


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credit Balkan mko



And 10 more


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The one of Sub-Zero slicing Sektor has to be THE most badass screen shot I've seen of this game yet!
Great find.
Jax is all kinds of ****ed up in Kitana's picture.

Shin Li

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Those screenshots are epic. I personally liked the shot of Scorpion doing his flip kick and Sub Zero with his Ice Sword.


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I wonder if that taser shot is part of Stryker's Fatality, which was revealed in the Australian ban article.


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Some great screenshots and nice to see a decent image of Stryker!

The Scorpion flipkick looks pretty epic in that pic


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anyone ele think stryker is less detailed graphically, just doesn't look as good as other characters in terms of graphics


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Meh, I don't really see Stryker being much less detailed then all the other characters, but I guess he could be updated since Sonya seems to have been updated graphically in the Challenge Tower video. He'll look much better in actual gameplay.