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    Area 51

    The reign of Kahn’s force had ended and justice to all who had served them grew among the Edenia people. “Where shall these things go they are not welcomed here? “ Some screamed out for vengeance but Kitana and Sindel knew no longer will there be such a threat to their world. The Earthrealm...
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    Father Kahn or Master Kahn

    Before I start this Part two is coming up really shortly the young character is gonna now learn her bilogical father I hope you enjoy ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` After the abandonment of his adoptive daughter Kahn wanted children from his...
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    Mother of the Saurian

    Sakura was the mother of all Saurian beings and they all bred in the green lands of Earthrealm everyone respected her even the elder gods; no one questioned any of her creation. To Sakura they were her children and she loved them all, Every Saurian child was blessed when hatched and given a...
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    Mortlal Kombat Legacy

    Kana Hasashi was five when her parents moved out of the Outworld the realm;although, she never could remember the environment she left only a man she was use to staying with them his green eyes glared at her ice blue. Now in her teens she was just now starting high school and in her first day of...
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    Mortal Kombat costumes

    I don't know if anyone know this but they have three MK fighters costumes for 2011 one for Scorpion sub-Zero and Kitana at their very good
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    Shao Kahn needed a new warrior one who was never human and would do anything to live again he called on Shang Tsung for his brilliant work on his beautiful Mileena “My trusted sorcerer I will bring you a large box and in this container is the souls of warriors who I taken to show my authority...
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    Midnight release party

    I was wondering if anyone was thinking about going I just got a call today about it what so far the release party where I live are have a pizza party with a Mortal Kombat Tournament battle and I believe the manager told me a dress up as your favorite MK fighter so I told my mother about it and...
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    One of Shao Kahn’s favorite servant walked in with a mysterious man asking for an alliance with the emperor. “Lord Kahn! Someone wishes to join your army in destroying the Earthrealm warriors!” Shao Kahn stared “Fine come to the end of my step and kneel warrior!” the man did as he was told “What...
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    Hanzo Hasashi

    This story is the life of Hanzo before he became Scorpion Characters List Hanzo Hasashi/ husband, provider Kai Hasashi/ Hanzo's father former assassin who may have had the name Scorpion at one point Katsumi Hasashi/wife and mother to hanzo's child Daisuke Hasashi/ a energetic son of Hanzo...
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    Mortal Kombat Rebirth

    Mortal Kombat Rebirth (My version) Jax Briggs a well known to be brutal to criminals with his partner Sonya blade by his side he and his crew was unstoppable until they arrested Hanzo Hasashi, a notorious assassin from Japan the two watched as how they were to handle him...
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    Chapter 3 Reptile faced greater warriors than he, Some battles he lost five then in others he gained more later on in his matches. Jade smiled when she saw Kiku and reptile’s relation toward each other. “What a beautiful girl you have!” jade appeared as reptile turned “She is...
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    Noob-Saibot : revealing truth

    (In the last you know Noob-Saibot who was known in the past as Sub-Zero raised a child name Sasori but in this you learn he had a sister, who his clan and himself had to shun from the Lin Kuei for loving a Shirai Ryu warrior Shadow Entity hears his idea of an Alliance and has two already in...
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    (This story came to me in a dream I had long story short little pieces is from the now newly risen Noob-Saibot and his visions on his past life next chater is he may find the truth of his existence and a big confrontation with the one who truely killed him) “DADDY! DADDY!” I awoken...
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    Reptile was chained up for his crimes of murdering Shao Kahn’s messengers the emperor could hear the constant rattling and hissing the prisoner did. “Kiku! Take me to her I promised to take care of her she needs me!” he screamed but he heard only the echoes of his self pain. Shao Kahn walked in...
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    lost memories

    chapter Five Sasori was dragged back into her cell Mileena and Baraka would sneak in laughing and taunt in Sasori’s freedom. Shao Kahn screamed at Quan Chi for him allowing her to gain a new ability “You fool she’s absorb most of my men power! Do something about the girl or I will end...