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    New 52 Green Arrow skin unlockable in "battles" ???

    I've read this a few places now and was wondering if anyone knew for sure, apparently if you beat "the max" in battles, you unlock new 52 green arrow, but this mission is insane, gotta beat 10 characters on max difficulty without dying, before I absolutely go ballistic trying to do this, I was...
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    When is MK9 going GOLD??

    with just 2 months before release, shouldnt this game have gone gold already? I hope theyll have enough time to get the copies made for april 19th release date...maybe it has already gone gold and they didnt announce it, but thats unlikely, its usually announced.
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    Shao Kahn taunting/commenting on matches during gameplay? (mk1-3 style)

    I'd love to see this return, I really liked the comments from shao kahn during fighting, whether after an uppercut, or a nicely timed move or combo, it was just cool feeling like the match was being watched "IMPRESSIVE" I really hope they bring back a lot of the old sounds, in my opinion...
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    non-DLC alternate costumes on disc, still happening?

    Do you guys think every character will come with an alternate costume right in the game? I remember Ed saying that would be the case, but no non-dlc alternate costumes have been shown as of yet, im wondering if those will be held back as DLC later like the street fighter alt costumes, or if the...