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    Official Anime Discussion

    PS - Has anyone here watched Gungrave?
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    "Some men just want to watch the world burn"
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    MKDA: more violent than MK9?

    I think MK:DA just as if not more violent than MK9 it's just the worse/out of date graphics make it seem cartoonish and takes away from the seriousness of the violence and gore, if it was made today with MK9's details and graphics I think it'd be considered more violent. Like in MK9 you see Kung...
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    When I was 16 I had fun once...once Demolished that pizza, won't lie
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    The DLC character on everyone's wishlist.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - Baraka Obama:
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    Most addictive Mortal Kombat game evarrr!

    Haha you guys should have a go at this flash game
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    Whatever happened to Blaze?

    Whatever happened to Blaze and 'Hornbuckle' guys? I swear Blaze was captured by Shao Khan around the time of MK2 to protect the last remaining Dragon Egg? No mention of that in MK9 not even an Easter egg of the whole issue. You guys reckon it could be one of those things that didn't happen this...
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    Mortal Kombat Freestyle, good stuff! *Explicit Lyrics*

    Check this out guys found this on Youtube the other day, I reckon some of you would enjoy =): PS - Is it just me or does he sound like Prodigy from Mobb Deep?
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    Hint of Stryker?

    I saw Mileena's new combo video and I heard a similar voice at 0:18 - like the leaked voice of Stryker! For those who don't know, he was one of the characters who's voice files were leaked on the internet. I mean this is just speculation but...
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    Is it just me...?

    Hey guys is it just me that gets annoyed that NRS can't stick with the characters they killed off without bringing them back later in the series with weak excuses? I mean I'm not just looking for a reason to complain I love MK but this has always bothered me, it removes from the tension, build...