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  • One more problem bro.

    Could you please resize it for avatar use.
    I've tried to do it, but to no avail :(
    I'm thinking MK3 now.

    If you look closely, Sektor's MK3 helmet kinda looks like a horse's head.
    The way it slopes & whatnot.

    And would it be possible to make it's eyes black & empty, like MK3 Sektor?
    This silly lil filly is souless, we want to reflect that :cool:
    No worries.

    I was actually a little scered.

    I cleared out my inbox on accident and I had a bunch of unreads in it.
    Then I saw your "Take my generosity and shove it" avatar and thought, "Oh shit, he thinks I ignored his drawing!"

    But it seems as if its all good.
    School comes first brozinski.
    Take yo time 8)
    Hell yeah bro.
    I'm getting MK9 today.
    But probably wont be on till tomorrow or Friday.

    Depends on my "condition" :cool:
    Yeah MLP FIM is great! As soon as I seen Fluttershy I was hooked. And about that challenge, I accept! Chris is the only person who has my number I believe so whenever you guys decide to hang out, he should invite me.

    Havok's avatar is ****ing legendary!

    It doesn't even look like fan art.
    Looks like Faust is planning on having Saibot for season 2 :laugh:
    Just wanted to tell you that you did an awesome job with Havok's avatar! It looks great!
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