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    Anne Hathaway as Catwoman - Dark Knight Rises news. I don't like the Catwoman character - but they could pull it off it she's a Cat-burgular/junkie.
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    Asteroids: The Movie

    No joke I was reading this morning that a 'bidding war' had been won for the rights to making a movie of the 80's arcade hit Asteroids. Seriously, Hollywood must be right out of fresh ideas - STUPID.
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    Interesting article at Wrestlezone.

    Hey guys, don't know if I should put this in sports and wrestling but anyway, a MK great was ripped of by WCW and as such wins an award.
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    Youtube Video.

    Is it real?
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    RIP Heath Ledger.

    Big shock news today, Heath Ledger, The Joker from the new Batman movie among other roles, has been found dead by a massuer. RIP.
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    Kombat Party?

    Has anyone else noticed the side games get a lot of promenance with MK? Maybe Midway have something up there sleeve... a Mario Party styled game perhaps? If they put in there Test your Might/Sight, Pong (MK style), Galaxian (MK style, think Karts), Motor Kombat (only good this time), Chess...
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    Do you love Goro?

    Hey kids, check this out, the Prince of Pain immortalized in posable glory. I hope somewhere local to me gets one import, half a chance since they always seem to end up with some of the comic show exclusives, not bad for...
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    I wish they'd just of kept characters dead.

    Hey gang, it's been a while for me. Hope all are well. I honestly think that the worst thing about MK:A was the idea of putting everyone in. So many people were virtually the same as another guy. Didn't they learn their lesson from the feedback (primarily negative) on MK Trilogy? It's boring. I...
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    Nightwolf Bio on ? page.

    As per topic, off ya go folks.
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    Shane Warne retires.

    The greatest cricketer ever has announced his retirement today. Shane Warne has done it all and always astounded me. I hope he keeps involved in the development of the game and continues to inspire future generations by handing on his knowledge. On ya Warney.
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    New @ ? Page, Kenshi's Bio!

    Hey Guys, Midway have put up Kenshi's MK:A bio on the question mark page of More to come apparantly, now that's cool. :-D
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    Big award for MK:A

    Hey everyone, MK:A won the Spike TV fighting game of the year. How come no-one has mentioned this on this site. Congrats to MK:A's creative team.
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    Scorpion prepares Christmas dinner.
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    Mini games in future kombats.

    Before I start, search thread found me nothing so no complaints okay. What I want to know is, what could be the new mini games in future MK games. I've always enjoyed them up until the let down that was Motor Kombat. What I'd like is: Kombat Kards: I love the card games from Final Fantasy FF8+9...
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    Hogfather: The Movie

    I don't know if anyone here is a Terry Prachett fan, but this made for television movie is one of my most anticipated films at the moment. :-D