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    Quan Chi kombos

    So my Quan Chi is at work, thought I'd share what I have with him so far. Currently working on warlock variation but feel free to share yours with any variation :3 uf1-f2,1,2,2-b2-bf3-backdash-uf1-f2,1,2,2- f3 b3,2,4-4-bf3-f2,1,2,2-b2-df2 can easily add a jump, forward punch at start and...
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    post your funny/awkward videos/screenshots

    Didn't saw a post for that and idk if I'm alone but I like to see them weird stuff, I wish I had a better and bigger collection but I was unlucky so far. kinda missed the rest on that one :( cuz I was too busy pausing xD the bubble did not kill him and he got to punch me around a little too...
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    Something that need a fix

    It may not be that much of a deal and all... I've found it a little funny at first but now I'm getting tired of getting attacked by my own robe every time I play as Shinnok. I purposely bugged his clothes in that video to show what I mean, this does not look natural at all and happens to me way...
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    Give Shinnok love!

    Very excited about Shinnok. I've waited so long for him to get a chance to redeem himself from his previous crappiness because despite all that (being a lame boss ect..) he was my favorite MK character lore/personality wise. I think it look good so far from what I've seen in the first 25 min...