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  • No, this is Mortal Kombat we are talking about - she will be in clad clothing and at least a size DD lol

    typical girl going by stereotypes

    *looks away to for fill another manly stereotype*
    **Looks to see how you are doing with you profile**

    Dammit! No more teaching you cool $#!t :mad:

    *Leaves to edit self profile*
    Well.. I hope it was good for you as it was for me :proud: Do you have a PS3/360? If so I'll add your tag to my friends list too.
    I'm your first :boink: Score!!!! lol j/k I'm sure you'll have lots more, there is a pretty cool group of irresistible class clowns running around the forums. Add as many as you can and you'll always have a blast on here.
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