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    OK guys/gals and NRS please address, here is what needs to be fixed.

    I was an avid MK9 player with almost 3000 total matches online so what I have to say should be some what credible. OK so after playing about 500 total matches since launch I have compiled a list of what needs to be addressed concerning NERFS, and BUFFS. Everything I say is In My Honest Opinion...
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    Does anyone know where those combo videos are of all the characters?

    Hey guys im trying to find the combo videos that the one guy made for every character. does anyone know where they are?
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    Kenshi needs a BUFF, Raiden needs a teleport NERF

    I have been playing online since the game came out and still cant even touch Raiden players with his incredibly fast teleport. in the older MK game you had enough time to react to a teleport from raiden but now his TP is way to fast and you dont have time to thing about anything. Kung Lao is now...
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    Reason why Reptile needs a major NERF!!!

    Reptile is very unbalanced. Think about this, Reptile can have 3 projectiles coming after you on the screen at any given time all at once while Reptile himself can dash across the screen safely with little to no recovery time. Even if you block reptiles dash it is impossible to punish. My main...
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    Why is MK9 still lagging???

    Hey guys I was just wondering why MK9 is still lagging, it was getting better for awhile but lately its been really bad with every match. I have a perfect internet connection and tested it twice.
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    Does Mortal Kombat 9 have authentic fighting styles? If so what are they?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if the fighters in MK9 have genuine fighting styles and what are they for each character?
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    Kitana UNBALANCED air juggle?!?! keeps you suspended 1 minute WTF!!!!

    Kitana needs to be nerfed BIG TIME, she has a juggle that is over 50 percent without X-Ray and keeps you suspended in the air for like a minute, thats INSANE!!! NRS PLEASE NERF KITANA. I couldnt even play this guy because I never hit the ground!!!
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    Will there be a Smoke Klassic costume?

    Hey does anyone know if a Smoke klassic costume been confirmed?
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    Reptile Human Ninja Alternate Concept Picture.

    Here is a picture of the reptile human ninja concept art that may be available for download in the future. Knearspo showed this picture to Ed Boon and the NRS team here in Las Vegas at the PDP Tournament. We asked him if it might be available as an alternate and he said it may but he also has a...
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    New Limited Edition MK Fightstick with Pic. Releasing in August.

    Hey guys heres the new stick from PDP releasing in august, I took this picture here in Vegas at MK PDP tournament. It will be 130.00 with MK 1 2 and 3
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    Hey guys in going on live stream soon here at PDP.My names artofgarduno.

    Heys guys there gonna stream my sub zero soon live. My names artofgarduno wish me luck. I just met ed boon too!!!!
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    What does E.G. and E.M.P. mean for tournament names???

    Heys guys what do all these initials mean that they put before there names like EMP Tom Brady and EG justin wong?
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    I beat One Handed Teroor at MK9 last night at PDP promotions here in Las Vegas.

    Hets guys just wanted to let you know I went to the PDP promotions at insert Koins here in Las Vegas at Freemont and played against One Handed Terror, He beat me once and I beat him once, good times.
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    Insert Coins Las Vegas promotional gathering for MK9 PDP Friday May 6th at 4pm-11pm

    Hey guys I just found out that Insert Coins bar and lounge here in Las Vegas will have PDP and MK9 promotions tomorrow night from 4-11pm is anyone going? I will be there!!!!
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    Does anyone know where I can get a good MK Fightstick?

    Hey guys I want to get the best quality fightstick I can find for MK with the MK panel layout. Does anyone have a link to a website or thread discussing the best sticks for MK? I tried searching and couldnt find anything. I dont want the PDP stick because I heard there customer service and parts...